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The American Society of Naval Engineers (ASNE) is a professional association of naval engineers. Naval Engineering includes all arts and sciences as applied in the research, development, design, construction, operation, maintenance, and logistic support of surface and subsurface ships and marine craft; naval and maritime auxiliaries; aviation and space systems; combat systems including command and control, electronics, and ordnance systems; ocean structures; and associated shore facilities which are used by naval and other military forces and civilian maritime organizations. ASNE's membership consists of military and civilian engineering professionals, defense industry engineers, academics, and engineering students.

A very sad employee shared that " Management does not provide sufficient direction to employees. Very stressful days, not enough recognition, no clarify in job descriptions. There was no communication from the higher ups. Recognition are not based productivity and there is hard ever compensation granted, beside normal annual review processes."


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Alida Jimenez says

"The worst experience ever. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. I have tried every company and they are the worst by far. I reached out for help and the worst costumer service was given. Can’t even talk about the market data they gave me. Unreal is an understatement."

Badia Mouafak says

"Hi dear as a customer can I ask you do you have any licence for doing what you doing?"

Matt says

"Trading mini ES I have found to be nearly impossible starting with only 2 units and having a $1000 maximum loss. You have to be perfect to reach $3000 TWICE before you pass to making real money and I never found a way. Topstep showcases all kinds of traders who have passed the combine and are making good money trading but I don't see how that was possible. I did pass the first $3000 once but that was it. I spent 4 months trying and finally figured out a better way. I would be interested in knowing the success rate of those who start the combine to those that pass it. I would also be interested in knowing the average period traders last after they pass the combine. I doubt either of these numbers are very high. My recommendation is to start your own real account after you have traded on a simulator and developed proven profitability. I will warn you that trading on a simulator does not replace the emotions that you will experience once you start trading real money. So be prepared to manage that. There are brokers who only charge $40 a unit for micro futures. The cost for a trading combine on Topstep is at $50k for $165. You can buy 4 units of micro futures with that money and start trading for real and keep every dime you make. Trading micros is much simpler than trading the mini. Every tick for ES micros is $1.25, the ES mini is $12.50. Sure, you can win a lot more money trading the mini but you can also lose a lot more money. Minis cost more to trade. It's $400 per unit. Another reason to trade micros."

alex son says

"From the card every month went 165 dollars, although I did not trade , they said the last month the money will be returned, and will give ten resets . But then they stopped responding to emails . I was charged for nothing, $ 825 was withdrawn from the card , I did not trade . Simply, when registering, there is an automatic withdrawal of 165 dollars . Be careful , this is very suspicious . I think that a huge number of people lose money in this way . Be careful ."

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